18/19 Season

Gameweek 10 & Barclay’s Bandwagon

This is a very jam packed episode – we tell you who deserves good week/bad week in gameweek 10 and discuss that awful pitch and Wembley and WTF is happening with spurs new stadium. We discuss our recommendations for GW11 and answer your questions – drop Hazard? Captain Aguero? Mitrovic in or out? Our guest is from different shores but still manages to excel at FPL despite not really having an english team – maybe playing with your head does work? Find out what our Frenchman living in Finland has to say about France’s darling Pogba and where was the most random place he updated his team. Finally not one but two fun facts to add to your pub quiz knowledge! It’s a good one 🙂

Episode 13 – Gameweek 7 & 1st Manager of the Month

In this quick episode we review GW7 and look forward to GW8. Lots of questions from Twitter and a fun fact that Ania can’t believe Sarah got right. Sarah also reveals her secrets to how she’s currently beating Ania 5-2. Oh, and Coutinho scores…

Episode 12 – Gameweek 6 & Differentials

Time for some differentials to get your team up the table? Listen to our thoughts on the players that will make all the difference in GW7 and beyond. Kane Ania get back to winning form? Thanks to our guest Sam Macadam who gives us a live update on White Hart Lane tells us his frustrations with fantasy and reminisces about sticker books and Klinsmann dives. Spurs Webcam – http://new-stadium.tottenhamhotspur.com/interact/

Episode 8 – Gameweek 1 & Bonus Point Rage

In this week’s episode, some good week/bad week from FPL and elsewhere in Football. We review our team performance – most importantly against each other and Ania gets some bonus point rage. We look forward to GW2 including the huge news that Kev DB is out. Jeremy Nicholas (the voice of FIFA) settle’s another pronunciation debate and we welcome Ania’s husband Nick as our guest – representing Arsenal (ugh). We hear his thoughts on the new management and why he chose Arsenal over Spurs – great story.

We also try to do Delle Ali’s celebration – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45199944

Blackburn Rovers make EFL history – http://www.brfctrust.co.uk/Community/news/post/rovers-make-efl-history-referee-escort

Jeremy Nicholas’ Fringe Show- https://www.jeremynicholas.co.uk/